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    Maryland Auto Insurance — Understanding the Essentials

    State laws on insurance are numerous and complex. Fortunately, motorists can get by with just knowing the bare essentials. Marylandcarinsurancequotes.org offers resources for drivers who want to have a better understanding of the legal requirements as well as the ways in which they can possibly reduce their payments. We even provide a quote box for free which can be used to search for the current rates for any specific zip code. This makes it a whole lot easier to stumble upon cheap auto insurance in Maryland. The following is a brief summary of what car owners in the state have to bear in mind:

    MD Auto Insurance: Minimum Legal Obligations

    Every driver has to get insured and carry proof of this fact when on the road. States have imposed minimum amounts to make sure that the plans will be enough to cover most types of accidents. These limits will determine the lowest rate that people can get if they are looking for cheap car insurance in Maryland. For instance, the state requires no-fault insurance which bumps up the cost. On the plus side, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not necessary. Liabilities and their amounts are as follows:



    Most Common

    Bodily Injury Liability



    Property Damage Liability






    PIP Coverage


    Meets Minimum Requirements

    Medical Payments





    250 Deductible



    No Deductible

    Once all the prerequisites have been fulfilled, motorists should focus next on the laws concerning speed limits and general driving behavior. Maryland has its own thresholds for various types of roads. Drivers must respect them to avoid being involved in an accident or getting caught by roving patrols. It should be noted that there are no distinctions between trucks and other vehicles unlike some states.

    Speed Limits

    Rural Interstate Roads 65 mph
    Urban Interstate Roads 65 mph
    Other Limited-Access Roads 65 mph
    Other Roads 55 mph

    Additional Sources on Maryland Auto Insurance

    For more details on various driving laws, motorists should visit the websites of pertinent government agencies. These will contain all updates, directions, and answers for frequently asked questions. The Maryland MVA, in particular, has plenty of resources concerning the application for a driver’s license and so on: www.mva.maryland.gov

    Maryland Insurance: www.mdinsurance.state.md.us

    Official Website: www.maryland.gov

    Searching for Low-cost Maryland Auto Insurance

    Reduce premiums by taking advantage of the discounts awarded by insurance companies. There is one for owners who install theft deterrents inside their vehicles. Another can be availed by diligent college students and graduates. There’s also an incentive for people who have low monthly mileage and those who drive outside of the rush hour. Indeed, there are plenty of ways to cut rates so do not hesitate to ask for a list of these discounts and see if you qualify for any of them.

    You can be a responsible driver without breaking the bank. Find cheap car insurance in Maryland by using the quote box and lower the rates even further through discounts. Marylandcarinsurancequotes.org offers quote search for free so don’t delay.

    Pay less and be a more informed driver. Browse our website today.

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